Cambodia’s Potential Watchmakers at Prince Horology Hosts Visit from the Australian Embassy

Mr. Bill Cumming, First Secretary at the Australia Embassy, lately visited King Horology Vocational Teaching Middle to understand about its progress in human capital progress for potential watchmakers in Cambodia.

The consultant from the Australian Embassy was acquired by Gabriel Tan, Primary Communications Official of King Keeping Group, and Jessica Thakur, an coach at Prince Horology hailing from Australia who been trained in watchmaking in Switzerland.

Throughout the courtesy visit, the high-level standard also met with six Cambodian watchmaking students and learned about their aspirations to hone abilities for an invaluable and globally sought-after craft. The visit was followed by a luncheon in that your delegations mentioned potential company venture possibilities with Australian enterprises located in Cambodia.

“I was satisfied to find out that Cambodian pupils are understanding from an experienced horology instructor actually from Australia and building a big difference to the

education landscape in the united kingdom,” said Mr. Benjamin Cumming, First Assistant to Australian Embassy in Cambodia. “It was an instructive visit in regards to a modern upskilling initiative being imported to foster Cambodian youths.”

“We welcome the consultant from the Australian Embassy to find out more about working out we provide. We are humbled by the ability to have the ability to enjoy a tiny part towards ability progress in the Kingdom and building a better potential for Cambodia,” claimed Gabriel Color, Main Communications Officer of Prince Keeping Group.