Aarhus Denmark – 5 Places to Visit Whilst in Aarhus

  1. My first advice is really a really great interest called Bedroom Gamle By, or The Old City. Bedroom Gamle By is a collection of traditional properties which were gathered from about Denmark and transported to this park. Most of the houses were dismantled item by part, numbered and rebuilt on-site. This is like taking a go back in time and viewing how persons in Denmark lived. It can certainly have a whole day to explore.
  2. The ARoS Museum can also be a wonderful position to spend an afternoon. The ARoS is an art form memorial which properties equally contemporary and traditional art. Some is fantastic, like “Boy”, while, for me, a few of the contemporary artwork appears such as a “slap in the face” ;.I really like the memorial except for their alleged modern art and I usually move across this region quickly, since only some parts are value an additional look. The remaining position is amazing.

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