Car Scratch Remover – How to Solve All of Your Car Scratch Removal Problems Once and For All

Have you ever wondered what has the biggest impact on car scratches and the need for a car scratch remover?

It is something that you might not consider as your first Car Scratch remover line of defense when trying to protect your car finish against car scratches and the need for a car scratch remover.

It seems that today most people think that because car finishes are more durable than ever that protecting the finish is not as important as it used to be. They also wonder why their car seems to be a scratch magnet and search begins for a good car scratch remover. Your first line of defense against ordinary scuffs, scratches, Mother Nature and car washes is a quality auto wax or sealant.

Now you may wonder what is the difference between what is commonly refer to as an automotive wax and a sealant. Perhaps more importantly what do each bring to the table to help reduce the need for a car scratches remover. The difference between the two is surprisingly simple. A typical auto wax, is formulated from carnauba wax …you know the stuff that comes from trees in the rainforests. It is a natural product that has excellent water repellency, breathability, generates a nice luster, and natural UV protection.

Now without getting into all of the grades of carnauba wax suffice to say that the purer and the higher the carnauba concentration in the product…the more expensive it is. Therefore when you buy a tin can from the auto parts store for $4.99, and it says it’s 100% carnauba wax…just remember you get what you pay for. Carnauba wax is great …for enthusiasts that enjoy the deep warm luster of a carnauba wax shine…and frequent wax applications because carnauba wax generally only protects for about 4-6 weeks!

Now enter the modern auto paint finish sealant. Chemist cleverly developed a synthetic formula that actually bonds chemically to the paint finish and lasts for 6-8 months! Because of the chemistry sealants deliver a very hard coating that is extremely slippery…and happens to be about the best protection you can get from ordinary scuffs, scratches and of course automatic carwashes…therefore you will not need your car scratch remover all that often! Sealants come in a variety of formulas and once again you get what you pay for. Some purists feel that sealants do not have the same warm glow of pure carnauba wax…I tend to agree.

To that end those clever chemist decided to make hybrid sealants that have pure carnauba wax blended in…perhaps the best of both worlds. The carnauba still only last for 4-6 weeks however the sealant keeps on protecting for 6-8 months. So if you really want to, you can use plain carnauba wax every once and a while to get a nice shine that only carnauba wax can do. In fact this is exactly what many modern day car enthusiasts do …a base coat of a quality sealant…and pure carnauba wax from time to time for that hand waxed look.

So there you have it… a sealant a today keeps the car scratch remover away…or something like that. If you have any car finish questions relating to car paint scratches visit my site and pick up a free report on “How to solve all of your scratch removal problems once and for all!”