Creative Ideas for Christmas Workshops

With Christmas approaching it’s a magical and creative time of year. You find yourself wanting to create new designs, decorations and tasty treats inspired by Christmas themes. Organising a Christmas workshop is a great way of gathering people together to share and inspire one another with different forms of creativity. It’s fairly easy to organise a workshop and can be a constructive way that’s fun for all the family.

A workshop could be organised through work, at your local school through the committee, at a church, or a local hall or venue where workshops and the like are fairly common. The size of the workshop will depend on the size of the event you had in mind. It could be a weekly event that’s fairly small and all the local community can get involved or you could develop the event to be held just on one day at the weekend but make the scale larger to include other activities. There are lots of opportunities for people to get involved, come together and enjoy the build up to Christmas.

In terms of content, again, depending on the size you can include as many as the following: bake sales, arts and crafts stalls, or games area for small children to play with interactive stalls. Alternatively, you could choose a small venue, or even open your house for a small number of people to Workshop Baking Kue Online Denpasar Bali over and bake, create and make gifts and decorations. You need a good size table; a few would be better and make sure you’ve got all the equipment you need. You could ask each person to bring something with them, which would split the cost and ensure you have a nice variety of items.

In terms of ideas of what to create at the workshop, there are lots of ideas online and in magazines. One idea that is simple and easy to make is a snow globe; a classic Christmas toy or decoration for your home. All you need is a jam jar or something similar like baby-food jars, olive jars and so on. You then need to choose your centre piece that will be placed inside the jar such as small plastic or ceramic figurines. These can be found in flea markets, charity shops, toy stores and you may even have some in your home, used previously for putting on the Christmas tree. Place the figurine on the jam jar lid securely with glue and fill the jam jar almost to the top with distilled water. Add a pinch of glitter and a splash of glycerine to stop the glitter from falling too fast. Screw the lid on tightly, carefully and turn the jar over and back again and watch the snow fall.